Learn more about our solar panel cleaning services in Utica, Rome, Oneida NY. 

Although solar panels are said to be "self cleaning" there are different factors that can cause some solar panels to need cleaning more than others. Some of these factors are panel tilt and weather patterns. If the panel is horizontally mounted (little to no tilt) than it will be more prone to a buildup of dust, bird droppings and other grime. This debris doesn't necessarily have to cover the entire panel to be an issue, even a few bird droppings can affect the amount of electricity generated by the modules underneath them. Solar panel cleaning is recommended by the manufacturer for optimal results. 

SOLAR PANEL cleaning scope of service: 

Regular cleaning of PV- and solar panels prevents build up of dirt for greater energy output, resulting in up to 30% increase in solar yield!

Cleaning with 100% pure water leaves no streaks or detergent residue and offers superior cleaning power and results without the need for chemicals, saving time, effort and money. Applied with our water fed pole system, pure water is a fast, safe and effective method of cleaning solar panels, especially at height. 

Jacob did a great job cleaning my solar panels, they look amazing and have also become more efficient. Will have him back next year for another cleaning!
— Steve G. in Utica, NY